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virtualized HANA – A reality? Yes, it is.

If you have read my last blog post you realized I was quite excited about the news from VMware and SAP @ SAP TechEd – Amsterdam, that the support of running SAP HANA on VMware’s vCloud Suite was right around the corner. I guess I was a bit too impatient.

Now I looked at the announcement today, voila there it is. Really exciting news that virtualized HANA is a reality for production now.

But what does the announcement means for our customers.

They can run SAP HANA in scale-up upto 1TB vRAM and 64 vCPU. Customers can use TDI configuration to reuse existing hardware in their datacenter to minimize cost and use their existing hardware more efficiently.

As a bonus customers can live migrate (vMotion) a running SAP HANA VM from one ESX host to another one and we are not talking hours of transfer times.

VMware HA provides you out-of-the-box 99.9% availability, but for customers with a bigger appetite for data protection and data availability EMC provides an entire portfolio of business solutions for virtualized HANA.

Want to hear and see more? If you have a chance to visit EMC World in Las Vegas (May 5th – 8th) check out the

Now you probably ask the question “Great, and who has done it and how and where can I get help with my SAP HANA plans”. The answer: EMC IT is live with their BPC deployment on virtualized HANA in production since November last year and it is running great. Just to reiterate..

Efficient resource utilization, leading to Reduced costs (both in capital expenditures
and operating expenses) and increased return on investment
• 400% performance gain moving from existing RDBMS – response times cut from
minutes to seconds, leading to more iterations and better forecasting
• Greater flexibility and better agility, allowing faster responses to shifting market
• Embedded high availability and efficient automation with 3-nines (99.9%) out of the box
• The ability to focus on innovation rather than operations

See the Pulse Blog that went out today with more information on EMC IT live on virtualized SAP HANA

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Or follow the EMC SAP HANA implementation live @putitonhana

Again…great news for all customers without an unlimited budget who already started or planned transforming their business to cloud and virtualization.